1. Northern Colorado Home Values Continue Up

    As we near the end of 2012, Northern Colorado home values continue up.  In October, we've surpassed the entire amount of sales recorded in 2011, and still have plenty of time to go.   Buyers purchasing before the winter weather approached help boost Fort Collins sales up 28.4% over 2011, the biggest month to month gain this year.  If the rest of the year follows suit, we're on track for well ov…Read More

  2. Real Estate In Fort Collins

    This blog is normally designed to provide insight and information on local, state and national real estate issues along with information affecting the real estate market, buying, selling, investing and financing.  We appreciate your comments, suggestions, questions and criticisms. We want to be the your most reliable source of information, news and market insight.  Grow and learn with our weekly…Read More

  3. Fort Collins Real Estate Investments

    (Originally Published October 30th, 2012) Real estate investing, when done appropriately, can create long term wealth and financial security.  Too many folks jump into the real estate investing world, spurred on by a new book promising riches, or an info-mercial that touts low risk but in reality there are risks.  Trust us, it's not as easy as those salesmen make it seem, but it doesn't have to …Read More

  4. Everyone Wins in This Real Estate Market – September 2012

    As we move on past another month and into another quarter, the numbers keep looking better and better in this real estate market.  Home sales were up 27%  in September 2012 and 24.5% for the third quarter.  We are currently seeing a 20% gain year to date compared to 2011.  In spite of increased demand, we are seeing marginal price increases, just up .3% in August, 2.6% for the quarter,and 3.5%…Read More

  5. Investment Property in Fort Collins

    If you've got a child getting out of the dorms at CSU and looking for affordable rental housing, chances are pickings are super slim right now.  Vacancy rates are less than 2% and affordable housing is in very low supply.  The good news is there is a great opportunity for you to own investment property in Fort Collins..  The option of buying a home for your college student (and their friends) m…Read More

  6. Low Fort Collins Real Estate Inventory

    Recent activity suggests that buyers are having a very difficult time with low Fort Collins real estate inventory, especially price ranges of $225,000 and below.  Low inventory is forcing buyers to act quickly when competing for available listings. Currently there are nearly 1,500 homes currently "active" in Fort Collins.  Year to date, we have just over 2,000 sold listings.  This means that th…Read More

  7. Fort Collins Real Estate Market Conditions – August 2012

    Another month and even more good news in the Fort Collins real estate recovery.  In August, Fort Collins recorded an astounding 21.8% gain on closed sales and a 7% price increase from August 2011.   At the end of August, over 2400 homes have been sold this year, which puts us at pre-recession levels - on track for more than 3,300 sales.  The average sales price across Fort Collins is the highes…Read More

  8. Property Managers in Northern Colorado

    Each investment property owner has a decision to make as soon as they own the property - whether or not to hire a property manager.  Northern Colorado is becoming flooded with new investors who are taking advantage of low interest rates, and high affordability.  Is it worth it to consider property managers in Northern Colorado?  Take a look at the following services and see if it will save you …Read More

  9. The Northern Colorado Real Estate Market – June 2012

    2012 has already been a great year for the Northern Colorado real estate market.   We're shaking off the recession and are really showing signs of full recovery.  Although it doesn't quite look like a full blown seller's market, we're already seeing reduced inventories and more buyer competition.. Sales in 2012 are well above the levels from 2010 and 2011 in Northern Colorado.  Even comparing t…Read More

  10. Fast Paced Fort Collins Real Estate Market Tips For Buyers

    The tables have turned in Fort Collins.  No longer are buyers in control, taking their time to make decisions and offers.  Interest rates are at their lowest point in decades, and inventory levels are shrinking.  This is creating a perfect storm of buyer competition where sellers have the upper hand. When real estate is moving at at furious pace, it helps to be prepared and able to make quick i…Read More