(Originally Published October 30th, 2012)

CIMG2786Real estate investing, when done appropriately, can create long term wealth and financial security.  Too many folks jump into the real estate investing world, spurred on by a new book promising riches, or an info-mercial that touts low risk but in reality there are risks.  Trust us, it’s not as easy as those salesmen make it seem, but it doesn’t have to be risky.  Fort Collins real estate investments are actually much safer than real estate investments in different areas of the country.

High Rental Rates

If you’re looking to invest in real estate in Fort Collins, you’re much more likely to cashflow on your investment due to high rental rates.  The average rental unit brings in just over $1000 per month according to recent reports.  Those the highest rental rates in the state.

Financial Stability 

If you want your equity to be safe Fort Collins real estate investments are perfect for you.  Although we are beginning to see a lack of distressed properties (short sales, foreclosures, and bank owned homes) there are plenty of opportunities to get good deals on fixer-uppers and rehab projects.  Finding these homes and doing light repairs then renting them out will keep your equity safe in a rising real estate market.

Stable Economy

Historically, Fort Collins has endured booms and busts, recessions and depressions very well because of our diverse, stable economy.  Not only are we home to some of the most stable healthcare, education and technology sectors, Fort Collins real estate investments are safe due to our manufacturing, hospitality, and retail sectors as well.  There is a great mix of blue collar, white collar and green collar jobs, creating an excellent base to invest.

Unending Rental Base

Because of Colorado State University and our diverse economy, there is an un-ending rental base of young students and professionals driving our rental market.  Each year, new students are coming out of the dorms, and seniors graduating.  That high turnover makes it easy to make improvements, and raise rents regularly, and investors dream!  On top of that, because of the great health care opportunities, there is a growing segment of seniors who are deciding to rent in their golden years.

Incredible Vacancy Rates

Incredibly, less than 2% of all rentals are vacant.  That means that you have a 98% chance of renting your unit quickly and easily.  On top of that, you’re likely to have several applicants to choose from, allowing you to pick the best and longest term tenants.  Along with that, with rental competition, you’re likely to be able to get an extra $25 – $50 per month to really shore up your bottom line.

Buying a Fort Collins real estate investment is unbeatable.  If you’ve ever wondered how to get started, contact us, we’re happy to show you what’s possible.

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