1. 2016 Northern Colorado Real Estate Wrap Up

    2016 has come and gone - what a wild ride it was!  The story of the year was stifled inventory which has led to an increasing affordability crisis.  Affordability is no longer just an 'issue' but is now a full blown crisis.  With regulatory costs for new construction, along with increased costs in labor, construction materials, liability insurance, land and water fees, new homes are becoming in…Read More

  2. Builder Spotlight: Westmark Homes

    Our builder spotlight feature is dedicated to showcasing quality and thoughtful builders throughout Northern Colorado who really respect the process of the custom home-building experience.  These builders dedicate themselves to providing unique and individualized spaces while ensuring their clients are involved, informed and engaged from beginning to end.  If you are interested in building a cu…Read More

  3. Get a Buyer’s Agent

    This weekend, I hosted an open house and had quite a bit of fun meeting everyone who came through. I did notice plenty of unrepresented buyers pass through and it made me think, "there's gotta be a better way"! The first two things new buyers should do is get prequalified and get a buyer's agent to make the process more organized and professional. If you're starting the homebuying process - give m…Read More

  4. Median Values at an All Time High in NoCo

    With half of 2016 in the bag, we're in the peak of the sales season in Northern Colorado and we're seeing prices at an all time high.  Through the end of May, a total of 4290 homes have sold in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley/Weld area, up 13% from the same timeframe in 2015.  Again, Greeley/Weld is leading the way with a 22% increase in sales, although Fort Collins is making up some los…Read More

  5. Northern Colorado Home Values Are Exploding

    2016 is moving right along with another strong and competitive month in Northern Colorado real estate.  A total of 3135 year to date home sales represent about a 10% increase over 2015 YTD sales.  With stifled inventory, median home prices region-wide continue their upward trend to $305,000, with Fort Collins leading the way.  Northern Colorado home values are exploding! With the selling season…Read More

  6. Northern Colorado Home Prices Continue Upward

    Second verse, same as the first!  Northern Colorado home prices continue upward through February with a robust report from the Greeley/Evans area.  A total of 1221 sales represented just over a 13 percent increase from the YTD 2015 sales along with a very strong regional increase in median value, up 6.61% to $298,500.  If momentum continues, we will see a regional median value above $300,000 …Read More

  7. New Neighborhood Spotlight: Winter Farm

    My new neighborhood spotlight feature is dedicated to showcasing Northern Colorado's new construction communities.  Whether they're affordable, production level, semi-custom, or fully custom homes, you'll enjoy this deep dive into each neighborhood.  If you'd like a new project featured, just contact me - I'm happy to showcase your special spot.  And if you're interested in potentially buyin…Read More

  8. 2016 Off to Best Start in History

    January home sales in the Northern Colorado region are off to their best start in history bolstered by strong sales in the Greeley/Weld Area.  560 total sales represented just over an 11 percent increase from January 2015 along with a very robust regional increase in median value, up 10.19% to $292,000 in the same period. The Greeley area continues to be a bright spot in the region, gaining nearl…Read More

  9. The Incredible Disappearing House

    Step right up! Come one, come all! You won't believe your eyes. Come witness the incredible disappearing house! Ok, it's not quite a sideshow act, but the incredible disappearing house is a real thing. We're not talking about houses vanishing into thin air, we're talking about houses that you may never see again. We're talking about the $300,000 home. A little research on the Fort Collins real est…Read More

  10. Real Estate Sales Top $5 Billion in NoCo Counties

    Local residential home sales in the Northern Colorado area held steady in August recording a 5% increase over last year with a total of 2,002 homes sold. This compares to sales of 2,157 in July. For the year to date, sales are up 6.6% to a total of 13,845 homes sold. The median selling price finally hit $300,000 for the year to date, the first time this figure has been recorded on a year to date b…Read More