1. Fort Collins Real Estate Recovery – 2012

    It's an exciting time in the Fort Collins real estate recovery.  We have come such a long way from hitting bottom in 2010, and luckily for us, our hole to dig out of is certainly not as deep as some truly depressed national real estate markets.  A lot has been made nationally about prices of real estate still being at depressed levels.  The return of price increases, multiple offers and increas…Read More

  2. 2012 Loveland and Fort Collins Real Estate Recovery

    As expected and predicted, by the end of 2012 we've seen a major and very sustainable real estate recovery in Loveland and Fort Collins. As interest rates remain low, home affordability at it's highest levels in generations, and decreasing inventory levels, both volume and amount of homes sold have completely recovered to near pre recession levels. This is great news as we enter in our "off seaso…Read More

  3. Real Estate In Fort Collins

    This blog is normally designed to provide insight and information on local, state and national real estate issues along with information affecting the real estate market, buying, selling, investing and financing.  We appreciate your comments, suggestions, questions and criticisms. We want to be the your most reliable source of information, news and market insight.  Grow and learn with our weekly…Read More

  4. Why Buying a Home in Fort Collins is The American Dream

    In the media today there is a lot of heated debate as to whether home ownership is still part of the American Dream. Real estate and mortgage professionals are quick to explain the benefits of home ownership, but overall fear and lack of confidence in the market have left potential home buyers wondering if buying a home is right for them. Over the past few years, home ownership has come under fire…Read More