1. Easy Home Valuation

    Have you recently completed a renovation or addition? Was your assessed value from the county higher than you expected and you want to contest? Are you looking to sell within the next year?  All of these are great reasons to get in touch with me about my free and easy home valuation.  It's better than Zillow or those other estimators - I guarantee accuracy.  Give me a call or text today at 970…Read More

  2. Homes For Sale in Fort Collins Under $200k

    What a strange turnaround from just a few years ago!  Currently, there are just 3 detached homes for sale in Fort Collins under $200k:  T-H-R-E-E!  Now, there are some homes on the fringe of town, homes in 55+ gated communities, manufactured homes, and of course, condos and townhomes for less than $200k, but if you're looking for anything that is somewhat private, detached, and all yours - thes…Read More

  3. Thinking About Selling Your Home in Fort Collins?

    Spring is the time of year most folks think about selling their home and getting into something that will fit their needs a bit better.  We cannot stress enough the importance of taking advantage of the market activity today!  There is no metric or tool to empirically track showing information or exactly when homes go under contract, we do have monthly sales figures for closed sales.   Using …Read More

  4. Contingent Sale Offers in Fort Collins

    It's a typical conundrum.  You want to buy a new home, but you've got a home to sell.  What if you've found the perfect home, but can't afford to make the down payment without using the proceeds from the closing on your old home.  Chances are you'll need to use a contingent sale offer.  This simply means that to be able to buy this new home, you need to sell your old home.  It can be a compli…Read More

  5. Making Your Best Real Estate Offer

    In Northern Colorado, there has been a shift in the real estate market.  In some neighborhoods, it's tough to tell if it's a buyer's market, seller's market, or somewhere in between.  To make your best real estate offer, you really need to understand what kind of market you're dealing with, so you can craft your offer accordingly.  In a seller's market, low-ball offers will be rejected.  If yo…Read More

  6. Making Your Best Offer When Buying a Home in Fort Collins

    The real estate market in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado is tough right now.  There's an abundance of distressed properties (Short Sales, Foreclosures, REO's) and you think you can get a great home at a great price.   Although you want a deal, low ball offers may not get you the home you want.  Getting the home you really want at a great price takes strategy, skill and a knowledge of the lo…Read More