1. How to Fund A Down Payment with Your Retirement Account

      Please understand before you read this that we are not a financial advisors or accountants.  Consult with tax and financial professionals before making any moves within your retirement account.  These professionals will further educate you on the risks and rewards to funding a down payment with your retirement account.  Contrary to popular belief, there are some unique ways to utilize your …Read More

  2. Thinking About Selling Your Home in Fort Collins?

    Spring is the time of year most folks think about selling their home and getting into something that will fit their needs a bit better.  We cannot stress enough the importance of taking advantage of the market activity today!  There is no metric or tool to empirically track showing information or exactly when homes go under contract, we do have monthly sales figures for closed sales.   Using …Read More

  3. It’s Tough to Buy a Home in Northern Colorado Right Now

    Just a couple years ago, if you wanted to buy a home, you could do it easily.  Because times were so tough, there were hundreds and hundreds of sellers trying to offload their home, availability was abundant and prices were fantastic for buyers.  If you could qualify for a loan, chances are you'd get a killer deal and time was on your side.  If you were investing in real estate at the time, the…Read More

  4. Your Perfect Windsor Home

    Paralysis by analysis can be a common problem for buyers in Windsor because of the abundance of choices one can make while buying a home.  When it comes time to make an offer, some buyers could be fearful of making the wrong decision and getting stuck.  Buyer's remorse is common among buyers who lack clear direction and education.  Only after going through a simple, three step process can you a…Read More

  5. Qualifying Yourself to Buy a Home in Northern Colorado

    In Northern Colorado, 1 in 20 homes are in foreclosure.  Lending is tight and lending regulations don't seem to be loosening up any time soon.  That being said, with 30 year fixed rates below 4.5%, an abundance of inventory, and depressed home prices, I believe now is one of the greatest times in recent history to purchase real estate, that is, if you can qualify yourself to buy a home in North…Read More