1. Generation Y Real Estate Trends

    Believe it or not, an entire generation of homeowners is just around the corner.  According to USA Today, Generation Y or "Millennials" comprise the nations largest demographic - over 90 million - much larger than even the Baby Boomers.  Gen Y consists of Americans born between 1982 and 2001.  Not to make you feel any older, but the oldest of the Generation Y constituents are now in their early…Read More

  2. Real Estate In Fort Collins

    This blog is normally designed to provide insight and information on local, state and national real estate issues along with information affecting the real estate market, buying, selling, investing and financing.  We appreciate your comments, suggestions, questions and criticisms. We want to be the your most reliable source of information, news and market insight.  Grow and learn with our weekly…Read More

  3. Why Buying a Home in Fort Collins is The American Dream

    In the media today there is a lot of heated debate as to whether home ownership is still part of the American Dream. Real estate and mortgage professionals are quick to explain the benefits of home ownership, but overall fear and lack of confidence in the market have left potential home buyers wondering if buying a home is right for them. Over the past few years, home ownership has come under fire…Read More