1. Remarkable Home Sales Continue Throughout NoCo Region

    Home selling prices in the four county Bizwest region (Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer and Weld) continue in uncharted territory with double digit increases in both home sales and median selling price. The rate of increase actually slowed a bit in April with a 12.3% increase in median price but the number actually hit $300,000 for the first time boosting the year to date median price to $294,000. By …Read More

  2. 2014: The Year in Review

    Smashed isn’t exactly the word for a modest 2.4% increase but considering it is on top of a 15.7% record setting increase in 2013 sales, this further 2.4% increase to 19,154 home sales in 2014 is unprecedented in the four county area. Coupled with a 6.4% increase in the median home price the total volume for 2014 was $6.23 billion; the first time sales have broken $6 billion mark and is an 8.2% …Read More

  3. Northern Colorado Home Sales in Record Breaking Territory

    Northern Colorado home sales in October set a record for the month with a 20.2% increase over last year, coupled with an 8.6% increase in the average selling price. Both areas of Larimer County had similar results in both the number of homes sold and the average selling price.   This brought the year to date sales almost even with last year, a small decrease of 48 homes sold is the difference be…Read More

  4. Northern Colorado Real Estate Update – February 2014

    Northern Colorado real estate sales in January were certainly all over the map ranging from a 34.4% increase in Weld County to a 24.8% decrease in the Loveland area. The average selling price increased in each area but ranged from a 2.7% increase in the Fort Collins area to a whopping 20% increase in the Loveland area. Overall a slim 2.6% increase in home sales compared to January last year and an…Read More

  5. Northern Colorado Home Sales Reach Record Levels

    Northern Colorado home sales within Larimer County have set an all time volume record in 2013 with total sales of $1.78 billion. This is an increase of 22.8% over last year which in turn was a 25% increase over 2011. The previous record was set way back in 2005 with $1.61 billion in sales. There were 6,389 homes sold in 2013, a 15.6% increase over last year and within a whisker of the record 6,422…Read More

  6. Real Estate Myths – The “Slow Season”

    Northern Colorado just got its first blanket of new snow! As temperatures turn colder and we move into the the winter months, we want to remind you that the real estate world will not be slowing down any time soon.  There is a perception that winter months bring a weaker market - that is one of many real estate myths.  Although Northern Colorado does see some pretty wild winter weather from time…Read More

  7. Northern Colorado Home Sales – Best Month on Record

    Northern Colorado home sales in July were the best month on record with 1,208 homes sold at an average price of $261,779 for a total volume of $316 million, a 37.9% increase over last year. The year to date volume of $1.6 billion is an amazing 29.2% increase over the same period last year and again, the highest on record. The Loveland and south Larimer County area is leading with a 26.4% increase …Read More

  8. Northern Colorado Home Sales Hit One Billion

    For the first time ever, Northern Colorado home sales totaled one billion dollars in the first five months of the year. From January to May, 2013 there were 4,055 homes sold at an average price of $247,472 for a total of $1,003,500,000. This is an increase of 29.7% from last year when the first five month sales totaled 3,360 homes at an average price of $230,327 for a total of $773.9M. The previou…Read More