1. June 2017 NoCo Real Estate Market Update

    As 2017 unfolds, we are starting to see a really interesting development in Northern Colorado.  As building remains tight, inventory of new construction homes and resale homes, for that matter, are hard to find throughout the region.  I'm keeping my eye on the Loveland/Berthoud market, one of the areas where building is relatively strong, especially in the low to mid range markets.  This is kee…Read More

  2. Construction Defects Progress

    After a meeting with NOCO Housing Now, a group tasked with identifying problems and providing solutions for our affordability crisis, Jared Reimer provides some insight on items where compromises can be found so we can have some construction defects progress. To join the conversation and help with our affordability and advocacy efforts, contact Jared Reimer at 970.222.1049 or Jared@TheCraftBroker.…Read More

  3. Realtors Are Advocates For You – Video

    In our September 2016 Market update, managing broker Jared Reimer shares median values for Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, along with some insight on how Realtors are advocates for you, achievable housing and property rights. Contact us for more information if you're wanting to make a move, we're glad to help.  As always, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube! About the Author…Read More

  4. NoCo Median Values Up Nearly 10% in 2016

    Median values across Northern Colorado in August were robust again, as compared to 2015. The median values throughout the region soared up to $317,000, the highest we've ever seen, and there is no slowing in sight.  Through the end of August, a total of 7456 homes have sold in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley/Weld area, up 9.12% from the same timeframe in 2015, with a good portion of that …Read More

  5. Incredible Equity in Northern Colorado Homes

    Making the turn into the back half of 2016, YTD June sales and median values are keeping pace with the first half of the year, with prices at all time highs once again. Through the end of June, a total of 4931  homes have sold in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley/Weld area, up nearly 10% from the same timeframe in 2015.  The region's median home values have soared again to $312,500, an 8.5…Read More

  6. Scouting a Neighborhood

    Maybe you've just decided to make a move, whether it is cross-town or cross country, one of the first steps is scouting a neighborhood.  In decades past, you used to have to rely on outdated maps, word of mouth, or local magazines to learn anything about a neighborhood.  These days, if you're scouting a neighborhood, there are hundreds, if not thousands of resources available to you.  Above all…Read More

  7. Median Values at an All Time High in NoCo

    With half of 2016 in the bag, we're in the peak of the sales season in Northern Colorado and we're seeing prices at an all time high.  Through the end of May, a total of 4290 homes have sold in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley/Weld area, up 13% from the same timeframe in 2015.  Again, Greeley/Weld is leading the way with a 22% increase in sales, although Fort Collins is making up some los…Read More

  8. Northern Colorado Home Values Are Exploding

    2016 is moving right along with another strong and competitive month in Northern Colorado real estate.  A total of 3135 year to date home sales represent about a 10% increase over 2015 YTD sales.  With stifled inventory, median home prices region-wide continue their upward trend to $305,000, with Fort Collins leading the way.  Northern Colorado home values are exploding! With the selling season…Read More

  9. 2016 Off to Best Start in History

    January home sales in the Northern Colorado region are off to their best start in history bolstered by strong sales in the Greeley/Weld Area.  560 total sales represented just over an 11 percent increase from January 2015 along with a very robust regional increase in median value, up 10.19% to $292,000 in the same period. The Greeley area continues to be a bright spot in the region, gaining nearl…Read More

  10. Real Estate Sales Top $5 Billion in NoCo Counties

    Local residential home sales in the Northern Colorado area held steady in August recording a 5% increase over last year with a total of 2,002 homes sold. This compares to sales of 2,157 in July. For the year to date, sales are up 6.6% to a total of 13,845 homes sold. The median selling price finally hit $300,000 for the year to date, the first time this figure has been recorded on a year to date b…Read More