1. Fort Collins and Loveland Real Estate Market in 2015

    The Fort Collins and Loveland real estate market continued with it's record breaking pace in 2014 and with price increases continuing into the foreseeable future, 2015 is likely to be on the same course.  We are very excited for the progress that was made in the Northern Colorado real estate market since the great recession, and we are eager to participate in and help develop this market in 2015…Read More

  2. Generation Y Real Estate Trends

    Believe it or not, an entire generation of homeowners is just around the corner.  According to USA Today, Generation Y or "Millennials" comprise the nations largest demographic - over 90 million - much larger than even the Baby Boomers.  Gen Y consists of Americans born between 1982 and 2001.  Not to make you feel any older, but the oldest of the Generation Y constituents are now in their early…Read More