1. Backup Offers Explained

    Do you think that once a home is "under contract" it's gone forever? Not so fast! Backup offers can be effective for buyers who just missed out on a winning bid. Things can fall through - financing, inspection, appraisal, or buyer's remorse! Just another opportunity for you. Check out my video to learn more! Contact me at 970.222.1049 or email me at Jared@TheCraftBroker.com.  As always, follow u…Read More

  2. The Real March Madness

    It's that time of year again, March Madness is upon us!  While many of you are playing hookie from work, or streaming hoops at your desk, the real estate market is really heating up.  If you want to talk about the real March Madness, look no further than entry level real estate in Northern Colorado. We've gone from logical and reasonably fair market conditions to a highly illogical (RIP Mr. Sp…Read More

  3. Prequalifying for a Home in Fort Collins

    Plenty of buyers think that prequalifying for a home is just another speed bump on the path to home ownership.  Although the entire lending process might seem like a bit of a headache, the act of simply picking up the phone (or even just writing an email) and speaking with your lender about prequalifying for a home is one of the simplest of steps that can save you months of stress and annoyance. …Read More

  4. It’s Tough to Buy a Home in Northern Colorado Right Now

    Just a couple years ago, if you wanted to buy a home, you could do it easily.  Because times were so tough, there were hundreds and hundreds of sellers trying to offload their home, availability was abundant and prices were fantastic for buyers.  If you could qualify for a loan, chances are you'd get a killer deal and time was on your side.  If you were investing in real estate at the time, the…Read More

  5. Win in a Competitive Fort Collins Real Estate Market

    Unless you haven't paid attention to local news or have avoided friends and neighbors, you've probably realized how competitive the Fort Collins real estate market has gotten.  Although the "wait and see" approach to entering the market never hurt anyone, there is certainly a lot to be gained when selling. As a buyer, you've got a new opponent.  No longer is the seller your only foe, you've got …Read More

  6. Making Your Best Real Estate Offer

    In Northern Colorado, there has been a shift in the real estate market.  In some neighborhoods, it's tough to tell if it's a buyer's market, seller's market, or somewhere in between.  To make your best real estate offer, you really need to understand what kind of market you're dealing with, so you can craft your offer accordingly.  In a seller's market, low-ball offers will be rejected.  If yo…Read More

  7. Making Your Best Offer When Buying a Home in Fort Collins

    The real estate market in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado is tough right now.  There's an abundance of distressed properties (Short Sales, Foreclosures, REO's) and you think you can get a great home at a great price.   Although you want a deal, low ball offers may not get you the home you want.  Getting the home you really want at a great price takes strategy, skill and a knowledge of the lo…Read More