1. Buy a Home In Seven Days or Less

    With all the information available to homebuyers these days through the web, apps, and other outlets, the entire process of purchasing a home should be much less complicated than ever before, right?  We've found that isn't always the case.  Buyers have information overload, inaccurate or misleading information abounds, and the struggle with analysis paralysis is ever present.  That's where prof…Read More

  2. Prequalifying for a Home in Fort Collins

    Plenty of buyers think that prequalifying for a home is just another speed bump on the path to home ownership.  Although the entire lending process might seem like a bit of a headache, the act of simply picking up the phone (or even just writing an email) and speaking with your lender about prequalifying for a home is one of the simplest of steps that can save you months of stress and annoyance. …Read More