1. The Craft Broker Difference – Digital Real Estate Agents

    I understand that we operate in a competitive and crowded marketplace.  Every agent is a little different, every brokerage and real estate office is different - that's what makes our industry strong: diversity!  If you're seeking out an agent or a company to do business with, it can be hard to compare and it can be difficult to really find what makes a company unique.  In our "The Craft Broker"…Read More

  2. Generation Y Real Estate Trends

    Believe it or not, an entire generation of homeowners is just around the corner.  According to USA Today, Generation Y or "Millennials" comprise the nations largest demographic - over 90 million - much larger than even the Baby Boomers.  Gen Y consists of Americans born between 1982 and 2001.  Not to make you feel any older, but the oldest of the Generation Y constituents are now in their early…Read More

  3. Fast Paced Fort Collins Real Estate Market Tips For Buyers

    The tables have turned in Fort Collins.  No longer are buyers in control, taking their time to make decisions and offers.  Interest rates are at their lowest point in decades, and inventory levels are shrinking.  This is creating a perfect storm of buyer competition where sellers have the upper hand. When real estate is moving at at furious pace, it helps to be prepared and able to make quick i…Read More