1. 5 Questions to Ask a Potential Realtor

    If you're getting ready to make a move, whether buying or selling, chances are you're also in the market for a Realtor who can help you wade through the waters of a complex real estate transaction in a fast moving market.  You may be familiar or friendly with the Realtor you'd like to enlist, or you may be starting from scratch, hunting on the internet or asking for recommendations from your frie…Read More

  2. Northern Colorado Home Sales and Prices Climb – September 2013

    Recently, the real estate statistics group, Core Logic, released data indicating that home prices rose over 12% nationwide compared to a year ago.  Locally, we have experienced our 17th month of year over year increases in home sales and it doesn't look like it will slow down anytime soon.  Lack of available homes is becoming more and more of a problem, and new construction hasn't begun to fill …Read More

  3. Generation Y Real Estate Trends

    Believe it or not, an entire generation of homeowners is just around the corner.  According to USA Today, Generation Y or "Millennials" comprise the nations largest demographic - over 90 million - much larger than even the Baby Boomers.  Gen Y consists of Americans born between 1982 and 2001.  Not to make you feel any older, but the oldest of the Generation Y constituents are now in their early…Read More