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If you’re a first time homebuyer, move up buyer, or looking to downsize, I'm dedicated to making your purchase a positive and hassle free experience. It's a competitive market, and I want you to win!

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Looking to sell? I've got the strategies, guidance and market knowledge to help you get the most for your home. From our first meeting, you'll know exactly what to expect from your home sale.

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Market Advice

I provide the best insight in Northern Colorado when it comes to market trends, data and statistics. Learn from me and you'll know every trick and strategy to make your next move an easy one.

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My clients are smart, savvy and uniquely positioned to overcome any challenges that come their way, whether buying or selling. Learn about their experience and how we worked together to maximize opportunities.

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Simply put, I provide the expert guidance, resources and confidence to easily make a move in Northern Colorado. I have a deep understanding of the Northern Colorado real estate market and can provide strategy, guidance and advocacy for you whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned and savvy real estate player. My service is designed to meet and exceed expectations for buyers and sellers who are looking for an intelligent, motivated, committed and mobile agent to help buy or sell a home in a competitive market. Contact me today to get started.


Tough Times May Be Behind Us

WE DID IT! We made it through the most uncertain, difficult and stressful real estate years in the last decade. Let's also remember it was very difficult and uncertain in 2020. It was beyond stressful for homebuyers in 2020, 2021, and 2022. It was terrible for almost everyone in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Often times, we are so myopic when it comes to "tough", "stressful" and "unprecedented" markets, that we fail to remember that we all made it through something similar just a few years back, only this time the variables and players are a bit different. We can always count on a changing and evolving market. That's why I'm employed! I live through the good and the bad every day so that you can make sense of the market and trends when it is your time to buy or sell. And, for what...more

Sales Struggle in November, Prices Dip Slightly

As expected, the Northern Colorado real estate market had a pretty dreadful November, mainly the result of peak interest rates in the late September/October timeframe. It's a complicated time being a homebuyer, unless you take a leap of faith on the right home, and hope that the interest rates will begin to come back down. Some buyers are seeing this as an opportunity to pick up properties without ANY competition. Across the region, with waning demand, buyers are now seeing about a 3% reduction off of list price on average. If you're dipping your to into the market, understand this could be an amazing opportunity. Interest rates are already down 1% from their peak just 6 weeks ago, prices are off their highs and you have much, much less competition. The next 2-4 months might be the...more

Prices Hover As Good News May Be On the Horizon

The homes that closed in October were the result of contracts written in mid August through September when interest rates were accelerating towards the peak of about 7.8%. Even with the highest rates since the year 2000, there was still a "reasonable" amount of activity in Northern Colorado given the climate and rates appear to be stalling and potentially dropping in the new year. Sales are still down between 20-30% even with a bit more inventory than typical, however, much of that inventory is has been picked over and is sitting. In a unique market like this, it can be both difficult to sell a home, while also difficult to buy a home. It takes deep market awareness, patience and strategy to put the pieces together on either side. Working with an experienced real estate...more

Real Estate Prices Hold Firm, Inventory Ticks Up

The warm summer months are officially over as we head into fall. Typically, fall is a time where inventory begins to drop off and much of the buyer demand cools off since there are fewer homes to tour. The fall of 2023 is a bit of an anomaly, which is to be expected since the majority of the year has been an anomaly - with interest rates keeping buyer demand at bay. We are actually seeing an uptick in inventory when it typically declines - this is 100% a result of lingering listings that have been on the market for months. Something has got to give - either rates or prices and it doesn't appear that rates will be falling anytime soon.more