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Buying a home is a big step in anyone’s life. The security, stability and comfort of owning your own home is very empowering. Jared understands that purchasing a home is a life changing decision, and he certainly doesn’t take the trust you put in him lightly. In any purchase, there are plenty of questions, fears, and decisions you’ll have along the way, it’s his job to help handle all the details, mitigate the risk, and even help you have fun finding a home.


For those of you looking to purchase your first home, or maybe it’s been a decade or two since purchasing, you’re likely feeling really excited and overwhelmed with the entire process. Trusting me in your purchase is step number one. After that, I’ll help explain the entire process from beginning to end, in easy to follow steps so that you can feel comfortable and secure when it’s time to put an offer in on your favorite home. I do all the heavy lifting from beginning to end. I'll coordinate everything from showings, financing, inspections, title and closing. All you need to do is open your mind, enjoy the experience and find your dream home. You can count on me to be with you from beginning to end, communicating with you at every step, and setting the right expectations from the start.


One of the most complicated scenarios in Northern Colorado's real estate market is when you're moving up from one home to another. Having to sell your home while coordinating it with the purchase of your next home is a daunting task - full of timing issues, logistical stresses, and the unknown of the market. Luckily, I am well versed in multiple strategies to help you get from one home to the next including, post-closing occupancy agreements, bridge loans, HELOC's, contingency clauses and more. I'll help to mitigate and address your fears and questions so that you can feel comfortable and confident moving up.


New construction is an entirely different process than purchasing a resale home. Again, you can trust me to help you from beginning to end. Whether it is a production level home, semi-custom, or fully-custom home, I have the expertise, guidance and knowledge to help you plan, design, build and close on a brand new home. I'll create an individualized strategy for you that includes site selection, orientation, builder interviews, trend and design coordination, financing and closing. If you're looking for a new construction home, contact me now to handle the details.


It starts with a no-obligation, hassle free, casual consultation with Jared. This consultation will provide you with an individualized strategy for your next move, along with guidance, market information and personalized information so, together, we can get you started on the right foot.

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