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Jared deserves the highest praise! My wife and I recently bought our first home in Fort Collins and Jared transformed the entire process into an absolute breeze! Every single step of the way he went above and beyond to ensure that we were informed, comfortable, and any potential pitfalls were mitigated before they reached us. When we first started thinking about buying a house, we were quite hesitant about the entire process (a quick google search can provide more horror stories about home buying that you can read in a lifetime). When we started working with Jared it seemed a little too good to be true; every step of the process went so well that we were left wondering why we didn't consider buying sooner!

We were prepared for a many month adventure into sadness, but we ended up closing on our dream home just a little over a month after our first chat with Jared! I cannot stress enough how impactful Jared was in making our experience a great one! The first time we spoke to Jared he was extremely respectful of both my opinions and my wife's, making sure that we were on the same page with each other and that we were aligned in our vision for our future home. When you speak to Jared you can really tell he cares, that respect is ingrained in his personality, and that he is truly invested in you. He always respected our interests, our budget, and how we approached making decisions. He never pressured us into making any decisions, but once we had, he fought extremely hard to make sure we were on top.

Coming from out of state, we knew very little about the area (other than what we could find online), and Jared acted as our boots on the ground throughout the entire process. He provided listings taking into account every parameter and then some, sent video tours for every home we were interested in (we actually decided on our home based on one of his videos!), provided expert knowledge about different aspects of the homes (his structural engineering background was extremely valuable here!), did face time walkthroughs, and much much more! Throughout the process, Jared made sure we were well informed without being overwhelmed. He provided information on natural disasters (we come from a flood area), crime, schools, general neighborhood vibes, and even gave us a complete history about the Colorado real estate market; such as how houses were built, styles throughout the years, and more.

Outside of just buying our home, we're working to remodel and finish the basement. Jared helped provide accurate floor plans of the basement (he took the measurements himself!), has talked with us extensively about the process of remodeling (costs, pitfalls, requirements, how to maximize future home value), and has even facilitated working with a great contractor in the area. Jared has and still is doing so much for us that I can't imagine having done any of this without him. Whether you're buying your first home or you fifth, there isn't an agent that we'd recommend more highly than Jared!

River and Ellen - Seattle Transplants in Fort Collins


Jared is amazing! A few months ago, we bought and closed on our first house (a new build) with his guidance. Rather than pushing for a sale, Jared's primary goal was to advocate for us.

As first-time homebuyers, we were intimidated by the process and told him that we would need to learn everything from the ground up. Jared was very understanding, patient, and responsive (calls, texts, and emails). He was very knowledgeable and transparent about the home-buying experience, and we felt he did everything in his power to make sure we were equipped with all of the info we needed to be confident in our decisions.

He was timely and professional every time we met with him and any selling agents/New Build salespeople together. We saw around 24 houses in 3 separate trips on the weekends, and the 3 of us debriefed after each house tour and at the end of each day. He's so easy to get along with - charming, funny, and incredibly thoughtful - that we always looked forward to meetings and house tours with him. On top of that, he was very organized and detail-oriented.

We loved his practical and systematic approach to home-buying; it made the entire process super seamless. We are so glad he was there to guide us and answer all of our questions. You know someone is very skilled and good at their job when he can anticipate your needs before you can even think to ask for it. Highly recommend Jared as your agent!

Carmen and Chester - First Time Homebuyers


Jared is great real-estate professional who made our home buying experience easier and less stressful than we anticipated. We interviewed several strong real estate agents from the Fort Collins area, and found that most of them were “busy but willing to fit us in”. That level of service was not enough for us! Ultimately, we selected Jared not only for his knowledge, experience and qualifications, but also because he made us feel like he truly wanted our business and that we would be a priority for him. And he proved it all along the way with his responsiveness, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile.

We selected to build a new house in Fort Collins. Because we were living in a different state, Jared was our local eyes and ears during the 9-month construction process. He went to the design center and helped us with selection of materials, colors, and options for the house, while we were attending via Zoom. He visited the construction site regularly, sent us photos of the house as it was being built, and pointed out potential issues to bring up with the builder. And even after the closing, he continues helping us to oversee another contractor while they finish the basement prior to our move-in. Jared has a wealth of local knowledge and provided us with helpful advice on everything from builders and contractors to lending and insurance. And his optimistic, easy-going attitude made the entire experience both educational and fun.

Leonid and Tania Shulkin - Texas Transplants in Fort Collins


Jared is an excellent Realtor and someone I would strongly recommend! He’s highly communicative, responsive, and helpful. Jared is not only enjoyable to do business with, he’s an expert at what he does. He knows the exact amount of information to share and ask for each step of the way in order to minimize the feeling of overwhelm, and bring a sale to a smooth close.

Katie and Tyler Schrock - Fort Collins


Jared was wonderful to work with. He provided us with information and insight on each house and went above and beyond to make sure we understood the process. I had a lot of questions and he answered them in a timely manner. We never felt rushed. If you’re looking for a caring realtor that does WAY more than just unlock a house door for you, Jared is a great candidate to pick!

Kristen Shutt - Lyons, Colorado Homebuyer


Jared Reimer is the best realtor in Northern Colorado, hands down. Our buying experience with him was so seamless. He listened to every need, provided the most professional service, and we enjoyed every minute we spent with him. You will not find a realtor with more knowledge and personality!

- Jana, Repeat Client, Buyer and Seller in Fort Collins


Jared was amazing! He walked us through the process and really made us feel comfortable about buying our first house. His patience and persistence to find us the right house for us and within our budget was unbelievable, even when our own hopes started to flag. We've been in our home for 3 years now and are grateful to have a such a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource in Jared!

- Lindsay, Northglenn CO Homebuyer


Jared is great real-estate professional who made our home buying experience easier and less stressful than we anticipated. We interviewed several strong real estate agents from the Fort Collins area, and found that most of them were “busy but willing to fit us in”. That level of service was not enough for us! Ultimately, we selected Jared not only for his knowledge, experience and qualifications, but also because he made us feel like he truly wanted our business and that we would be a priority for him. And he proved it all along the way with his responsiveness, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile.

We selected to build a new house in Fort Collins. Because we were living in a different state, Jared was our local eyes and ears during the 9-month construction process. He went to the design center and helped us with selection of materials, colors, and options for the house, while we were attending via Zoom. He visited the construction site regularly, sent us photos of the house as it was being built, and pointed out potential issues to bring up with the builder. And even after the closing, he continues helping us to oversee another contractor while they finish the basement prior to our move-in.

Jared has a wealth of local knowledge and provided us with helpful advice on everything from builders and contractors to lending and insurance. And his optimistic, easy-going attitude made the entire experience both educational and fun.

- Leonid and Tania, New Home Buyers, Fort Collins


Jared's depth of knowledge and caring attitude combine to make a very effective professional realtor. Seldom find all "the right stuff" wrapped into one package these days but he is the real deal.

Randy, Berthoud New Construction Homebuyer


Moving across country and house hunting can be stressful! But, honestly, it wasn't! Jared was an answered prayer during this whole process. He was very helpful even before we moved to CO, he continued to update us on the market. During the house hunting process, he was a great resource of knowledge, pointing out things about the house, such as structural issues, that we would have missed. We highly recommend Jared for all real estate needs!!

Diana, Loveland Homebuyer


Jared Reimer was extremely helpful and knowledgeable as we navigated the Fort Collins market from out of state. He spent a lot of time with us at last minute notice - on many occasions. We changed our minds about what we were looking for several times! Jared just went with the flow. I appreciate his calm demeanor and his ability to step in and educate me when necessary! He truly works for his client. I highly recommend Jared!

Lynn, Luxury Homebuyer, Fort Collins CO


Jared Reimer is everything that you would expect from a full service realtor. From the first phone call we placed with him to closing day of our new home he is professional, knowledgeable & always available with prompt answers to our questions and requests.

We moved into NOCO without a clear knowledge of what we were headed into but with Jared's calm demeanor he navigated us toward homes that filled our wish list.

We definitely would use Jared again as our realtor and recommend him for yours!

Bonnie, Berthoud Colorado Homebuyer


My husband and I are so glad we found Jared to be our realtor! We both had pretty clear images in our heads of the kind of house we wanted to find, and Jared was happy to take us to see what ended up being probably a lot more houses than average before we found the perfect one to have built.

Jared was responsive throughout the entire process (which lasted about 10 months) and acted as a perfect go-between for the building company and ourselves. This is the first house we've ever built and we aren't used to all of the documents and procedures, but Jared was able to explain everything and he really helped keep us on track when we needed to read and sign documents and such.

We're both new to the area and knew practically nothing about different parts of the city, but Jared was able to answer all of our questions and give us all of the info we wanted to know, no problem.

Since we wanted to build, we really needed to find a builder that would make a quality home without taking any shortcuts. Jared has a background in engineering which makes him an excellent judge of quality in home construction.

On top of everything else, Jared is a very friendly guy who is always on time, professional, and dedicated to taking care of his clients' needs. I recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to buy or sell a home.

He's a landlord, too! We first found Jared when we moved to Fort Collins last year and needed to rent a house for a year while we looked for one to buy. We couldn't come to Colorado ahead of time to find a house to rent, and Jared was the only landlord who actually went to the house we were looking to rent and took a video of it for us since we couldn't see it in person. We had more than a dozen other potential landlords who didn't want to put any more than the minimum amount of time into showing us the houses we were looking into renting. No surprise, Jared ended up being an amazing landlord who promptly took care of any of the little issues we'd have in the house, no matter how ridiculous we were being with our requests.

- Danielle, Fort Collins New Construction Buyer


Jared was very patient as we decided on the location and type of home that we wanted. He was very detailed oriented and made sure that we got top dollar for the sale of home and helped us every step of the way on the purchase of a new build. Would recommend Jared to anyone looking to buy or sell!

- Cristina, Buyer and Seller, Berthoud CO


Jared was great to work with as my husband and I looked for a home. We were relatively new to the area so getting his guidance on neighborhoods was great. Anytime we asked to see a home he would get a showing set up almost immediately and was also efficient in securing multiple showings a day. He is quick to respond and answered our many questions with great detail. We will definitely use Jared again for future home buying needs.

Torii - Renter turned homebuyer, Fort Collins


Jared is a true professional in the Northern Colorado Real Estate landscape. Jared is intimately familiar with the current market conditions and was able to expertly guide us in developing a compelling offer on a great house. Once our offer was accepted, Jared was very proactive in handling all the small details while keeping us very well-informed through the whole process. We had previously booked a vacation out of the country and the seller needed to close within a day of us returning to the country; we felt totally comfortable and confident in Jared's ability to keep the process moving while we were travelling! I would recommend Jared to anybody in the region who may be looking to buy or sell a home (or both)!

- Kyle, Alaska Transplant, Louisville CO


Jared helped my partner and I buy a townhome recently, and we couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor. From the very beginning, he was generous with him time and energy and answered all of our first home buying questions. He also held a lot of space for our emotions – whether it was nervousness, excitement, fear, or anticipation. Jared never judged us – he only encouraged us and helped us persevere through a difficult Northern Colorado market! He was very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and homes of Fort Collins, especially with his unique engineering background. My partner and I cannot thank Jared enough for helping us find the perfect place to call home!

Jessie Pauley - First Time Buyer


If you are looking for someone that is more than just a traditional real estate agent, Jared is your guy! He is incredibly knowledgeable not just in the housing market, but also the construction of the homes. His engineering background made him a greater asset than I ever could've imagined. He listens well, isn't pushy, and really cares about his clients. We will continue using Jared for all our real estate needs!

- Stefani, Loveland Move Up Homebuyer


Jared is an outstanding agent! He helped my daughter and I buy a house for her to live in during graduate school. Jared was communicative throughout the process, and helped us understand the local market. He was patient as we looked at numerous houses in a wide price range. He gave excellent input as he saw what criteria most mattered to us, and he helped us narrow down our choices until we decided on the right house. After the offer was accepted, Jared made the process smooth and easy for us with regular emails guiding us through the various steps. If you need an agent in Northern Colorado, I can't recommend Jared enough.

- Scott, Out of State Investor


I would highly recommend Jared for any real estate needs. I have purchased 3 houses with Jared and every time I've been impressed. He is very professional and understands all aspects of the business.

- Jason, Repeat Client - Firestone, Colorado


Jared was great to work with while we looked for a house to purchase. We appreciated his informed no pressure approach! Even when we completely changed directions in what and where we wanted to purchase he was helpful and willing to offer any advice we needed. We look forward to working with him again if we need it!

- Aubrey, New Construction Buyer, Windsor


Jared was very easy to work with. He was efficient, organized and very knowledgeable about the areas we were interested in; Loveland and Ft Collins. He listened to what we wanted and helped narrow down the possibilities. He arranged many showings in the short time period that we had and helped us find a perfect solution for our situation.

Melody - Out of State Investor


Absolutely wonderful to work with! He was able to identify, understand, and resolve our family needs in a VERY professional, timely, and yet strikingly sincere personal manner. Not to mention being readily available, an extremely clear communicator, and following through on promises made. Truly a pleasure and highly recommended!

- Jason, Loveland Homebuyer


I've known Jared for 5 years, first as my landlord and then as my realtor. He was instrumental in finding a house for my out of town sister and subsequently sold it for us a few years later, then helped me find my perfect house in an extremely competitive market and I couldn't be happier.

His extensive knowledge of Fort Collins and the surrounding areas plus having a handle on the inventory, along with his understanding of my specific wants and needs ultimately led me to this house. During that time, he was always a phone call or text away even on weekends and even when out of town on vacation, ready to answer questions and explain things that were confusing to the lay person.

In addition, Jared referred me to an amazing financial broker who made the whole lending process effortless and the inspection company was professional and extremely thorough.

The whole transaction went through without a hitch for which I am extremely grateful.

- Sydney, Renter turned Homebuyer, Fort Collins


Jared is hands down the best Real Estate agent we have ever worked with! In our most recent sale, Jared helped us to receive the offer we were hoping for within three days of putting it on the market during a global wide pandemic!! His sense of urgency, professionalism and responsiveness, paired with his knowledge of the market and his fun-loving personality, are just a few of the many reasons why we have highly recommended him to family and friends. Jared really listens to the needs of his clients and he’s gone well above and beyond to ensure our comfort and happiness throughout the process. Thank you, Jared, for making our experiences with you so easy and painless!

- Allison, Move Up Buyer in Johnstown


Working with Jared was a great experience! He responded quickly to every email, text and phone call. Jared was professional, organized and went above and beyond for us. On the evening we made our offer on the house, Jared stayed up extremely late putting the offer together. We were under contract the next day! My wife and I would highly recommend Jared!

- Paul, Move Up Luxury Buyer, Timnath


Jared made the stressful process of buying a home in the crazy Denver market extremely smooth. He’s honest, very responsive, easy to work with, and he made sure my husband and I were getting exactly what we wanted in our new forever home. We are so grateful for the amount of hard work Jared put into this process for us. We don’t know how we would’ve done this without him.

- Stephanie, Move Up Homebuyer in Denver


I cannot recommend Jared enough! I had to manage my father’s estate in Colorado from Los Angeles. I was stressed out, grieving, overwhelmed and had no idea about selling a house. Jared walked me through ever single step, was very honest about what work we needed to put into the house to get the most value (all the other Realtors I spoke to did not do this). He put me in touch with many people who helped me get the property ready. All helpful and cost conscious. He made this the easiest process and I can’t imagine having done it without him. Once the house was listed, we wrapped everything super quickly. If you need someone to sell your house, he is the person for the job!

Londa Jensen - Long Distance Home Seller


Jared is the only real estate professional I will ever work with in Northern Colorado! Being an out of state investor, I not only needed someone who I could trust, but also someone who could communicate effectively (phone, text, email- whatever it takes) and act quickly to understand my priorities and urgency to get a deal done. Jared used his specific knowledge of the Fort Collins market to present me with multiple investment opportunities—one which we capitalized on and closed quickly. He kept me up to date on every step of the process and I couldn’t be more thankful to have a trusted real estate partner. I would recommend Jared for buying, selling, and investment properties. 5 STARS!

- Erika, Out of State Investor


Extremely good experience! Jared is highly knowledgeable, prepared, and responsive. I have worked with several realtors in the past, and he is by far the best.

- Kelsey, Luxury Homebuyer, Fort Collins


Jared helped my wife and me look at numerous homes and was very knowledgeable about the various builders we were considering using and areas where they were building. He was always personable and professional and I was always impressed with how on the ball he was with everything from getting contracts ready to walkthroughs to helping us resolve the issues we encountered at closing as a result of the appraisal company being late. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to build or purchase a home in or around Fort Collins.

- Aleem, New Construction Homebuyer, Fort Collins


Jared was referred to me and vetted by someone whom I trust, which was lucky because it is easy to get trapped by a mediocre realtor! Do yourself a favor, and skip your search and work with Jared.

Asides from his great communication, and honest feedback, the best thing about working with Jared is the attention he provides makes you feel like you're the only clients in the world.

- Kevin Mancuso, Texas Transplant, SE Fort Collins


My wife and I hired Jared to sell our house. He was very professional and responsive to any questions we had. We Highly recommend him.

- Michael, Home Seller in Evans, CO


Selling our home with Jared was an amazing experience! We were out of town most of the time. He kept us up to date as we went through the process, answered our panicked phone calls and text messages, and smoothed every ruffled feather to keep us prepared and closing on time. Wonderful and down to earth, I would recommend him to anyone!

- Bethany, Evans Home Seller


Moving is stressful. Moving is especially stressful when you're moving across the country with two kids under two, in a market that is so competitive that you end up living with your in-laws a month or two longer than you had planned. That being said, Jared made the entire process as simple and stress-free as it possibly could be! He worked hard, communicated well, was incredibly patient, and was beyond helpful. Week after week he met with us and showed us houses until we found the perfect home for our family. We quickly referred my parents to him as they begin their move to Colorado, and they too have had a wonderful experience working with him. I absolutely recommend Jared as your realtor and wish you luck on your home search!

- Stacy, SE Fort Collins Homebuyer


Jared is the best. We moved from the East coast to Colorado and he made buying a house sight unseen in a wild market feel like an OK thing to do instead of a terrible idea. He was an excellent communicator throughout the process and just a helpful, kind, and thoughtful person.

- Jill, East Coast Transplant, Fort Collins Homebuyer


Jared was a real professional. Very helpful and always went the extra mile. Could not have been more satisfied.

- Brad and Sherry, California Transplants


My elderly aunt moved out of her home and out of state into a nursing home. Jared was awesome in directing us to the right people to clear out her house and get it ready to show. He was very patient with us, the house sold quickly and for a great price!

Laurie Maris, Out of State Seller


Jared has been our Realtor for two house purchases and one sale. In all three instances, he’s gone above and beyond the call. My wife and I recently moved back to Fort Collins from the East coast. Jared suggested options, went to newly listed properties to check suitability, and was never out of reach. I’m a big believer in hiring pros at what they do – Jared is a pro and will be our first contact if and when we need his services again.

John and Paula - Relocating From the East Coast


Jared is a FANTASTIC realtor. My partner and I were first time home buyers and had LOTS to learn about the process – Jared guided us thoroughly through every step of the way (from questioning if we want to buy vs. rent, to finding and touring homes and noticing nuances of each, to interpreting & unpacking the inspection and financing, to signing our closing paperwork). He is incredibly knowledgeable, has a teacher’s heart (and an engineer’s brain), personable, has a great sense of humor, and brought a level of humanness to a very stressful and overwhelming process. He is incredibly responsive and delivers information in a digestible manner (esp. for us newbies!). He really helped make a very stressful process fun, enjoyable, and connecting. I would highly recommend Jared to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Kyrie Lampert - Fort Collins Condo Buyer


Jared has been my trusted advisor on 2 home purchases and sales. Jared took the time to meet my wife and children, understand what was important to our family, and help us find the home that best fit our criteria. A consummate professional who is experienced, a great communicator, responsive, knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and trustworthy. Jared makes buying or selling a home easy and fun! I’ll never choose another real estate agent. Thank you Jared!

Ben Prather, Loveland Local


Jared has been both my real estate professional and property manager for investment properties in Northern Colorado. I couldn't be happier with his communication, execution and work ethic for my multiple properties.

- Jeff, Out of State Investor


We want to take this opportunity to thank Jared for the superior job he did finding our perfect investment property. During a time when properties were being snatched up the same day they were listed, Jared was very prompt when alerting us of potential properties so we could make a quick move. He was persistent and we found the perfect townhome we could invest in and in a super location in Fort Collins. Without Jared’s knowledge of Fort Collins neighborhoods AND our needs, we could not have acquired the property we did. Jared was able to find a renter in a timely manner which was the icing on the cake. We would strongly recommend Jared to any future home buyers.

Warren and Cathy, First Time Investors


I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Jared. I was referred to him by a friend and immediately felt comfortable. He was very well-informed and helpful and wasn’t pushy at all. As we went through the process of making an offer and approaching the closing date, he was always one step ahead with information about what to expect next. Jared is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Joanna Vilos, Vacation Condo Buyer


Took the time to help us when we were buying. We looked at many houses from Platteville to Wellington and he was always available. Didn’t care what time or day either. Would recommend him 100%! Will definitely use him if and when we sell the house he helped us find.

- Christine, Berthoud Colorado Homebuyer and Seller


My wife and I were relocating to Colorado in late 2019 from the East Coast. During our search for a rental house, we contacted every major player in the Northern Colorado market. We were told by several companies that they would not rent to us since we were out of state even though we could provide a relocation letter from my company, confirmed salary information, etc. A majority of the big rental companies in Northern Colorado we left messages for NEVER called us back.

Due to a very short timeline, we were under an enormous amount of pressure to find a rental home and an apartment just wouldn’t work for us. During our search, we found a listing managed by Jared. We held our breaths and made the call and to our surprise (pleasantly) Jared answered the phone. We first asked if he would talk to us since we were out of state and he said of course he would. We were beyond delighted. While the rental we originally inquired about was way too small, Jared let us know about a property that was coming up soon that may fit our needs. He sent us pictures, specs and everything we needed to know about the property. We did our research on the neighborhood, area, etc and the rest is history. Over the course of our 21 months in Jared’s rental property, he was engaging, extremely responsive and just an overall outstanding landlord.

Thank you Jared for answering our call that day almost 2 years ago. You made our transition to Colorado an enjoyable experience.

Kat and Tara, Fort Collins Tenants


I've rented a property from Jared for the last year. He's been fantastic to work with and I'd absolutely work with him again.

- Tim, Happy Tenant