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How to Protest Your Property Tax Valuation

It's that time of year again! Bob Overbeck and his friends at the Larimer County Assessor's office have sent out their "reminders" that your assessment valuation is probably headed up. Although it's frustrating to see your monthly payment creep up every couple of years due to higher taxes, it's part of rising real estate prices, area growth, and the need for property taxes to help pay for expanding services like schools, first responders, open spaces, and libraries.

The valuation is very clear. The notice will give you a prior value from the last time it was assessed and the current value to which your property taxes will be based off of.

If you feel your property tax assessment valuation is much higher than your home value, they do allow the ability to protest. This is where I come in to help you. Here's the process of filing a protest:

The Process

  1. Contact me to let me know what the assessment value is. I will provide comparables of home sales that will help to justify your value. This is the only time you will want your value to be as low as possible =)
  2. Once we determine your valuation is higher than necessary, you can go online to the Assessors Website.
  3. Click "online protest tool"
  4. Enter the account/schedule number found on your post card (make sure it is your correct address)
  5. It will bring you to a screen with your property information and comparables.
  6. You can click the green button for the comparables in the subdivision (this will help you advance)
  7. Like the screen says, clicking comparable sales is optional. My suggestion to to just click "continue"
  8. Here is where you submit up to 6 sales NOT PREVIOUSLY selected that you feel are relevant. You must submit the parcel numbers here, not just addresses. In most cases you won't need to include vacant land/mobile homes/commercial sales.
  9. Then scroll to value estimate and put in the value that you and I have determined to be fair market value as of 6.30.20.
  10. Scroll down to additional documentation and upload the file of comparables that I provide you.
  11. Scroll to reason for protesting. If all information is correct, but you just feel valuation is too high, then suggest "valuation is too high". If there is information wrong, include specific changes.
  12. Click confirm information to see a summary page of the provided info and submit your protest.

After protest, you will be notified if you are successful or unsuccessful. You must be careful to have accurate and reasonable evidence of a high protest. I have heard of instances where protests were done incorrectly and valuations were actually adjusted upwards.

Hacks, Tips and Guidance

  1. Your valuation protest must be submitted by June 1st, 2021
  2. Valuations are as of June 30th, 2020. This means that only comparables sold prior to that date will be used. This is to your advantage because of the recent increase in home values (above and beyond June 2020).
  3. Be simple, straightforward and reasonable.

If you feel your valuation might be too high and you'd like an opinion from me, drop me a line at: Jared@TheCraftBroker.com or 970.222.1049. I'll provide comparables and an estimate of value as of 6.30.20 and walk you through the steps. It's that easy!


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