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Resolve to Improve Your Life Using Real Estate

It's that time of year where most of us have made resolutions. Some of us have stuck with them so far, while others got derailed, delayed or just plain gave up. While I made my New Year's resolutions, I also contemplated what I could do to help others feel more empowered in their real estate choices and decisions. So many of us don't realize just how important the right home is. It's where you start every morning. It's where you raise your family. It's where you spend two-thirds of your day. If you just can't seem to find your groove, maybe you're home is partially to blame. This year, I challenge you to improve your life using real estate.

Improve Your Life Using Real Estate:  Buy vs. Rent

Plenty of buyers, and not just first time home buyers always question which option is cheaper. If you are considering living in a home for atleast 3 years, I can't find a scenario in Fort Collins that makes more sense to rent. Buying, in most circumstances, will be a better investment. On top of that, setting up roots can give your family much more stability and security, while also giving you a greater sense of community. The best tool I've found is the Realtor.com Rent/Buy Calculator. If you need help inputting the most accurate data, contact me and we'll work through it together.

Improve Your Life Using Real Estate: Changing Homes

Have you looked around your house and noticed you're no longer in love with it? Do you and your spouse fight over a small bathroom, or those projects you said you'd get to and never have. Sometimes a change of scenery can be the best way to improve your life. Now, I'm not advocating for going out and buying a new house just because you're unhappy, I'm saying that perhaps little issues caused by your house could be adding up. Especially if you have the financial means, there is no reason to let small, trivial items begin to bog you down. Maybe you can eliminate some stresses by improving your location to work or school, reducing your commute time. Maybe an extra bedroom will keep your kids from sparring. Maybe you'll need to clean a lot less if you downsize. There are dozens of ways to upgrade your situation and improve your life using real estate.

Improve Your Life Using Real Estate: Real Estate Investing

If you have planted roots, and currently love where you live, you can still improve your life using real estate by investing in it. Now, there are hundreds of late night infomercials touting the greatness of real estate investing and I'm definitely not going to support any of that. What most folks don't realize is that the most successful real estate investors do it in a very under the radar, slow and methodical approach. These investors are your neighbors who own a couple rental homes to help fund their retirement. These investors are your co-workers who instead of selling their starter condo, held on to it when they upgraded to their new home, just so their kids college could be paid for. These investors are the old men you see at the coffee shop who, instead of contributing to their 401k for a few years, decided to purchase a couple commercial buildings to help fund their retirement. My approach to investing is very simple and easy to start. Get in touch with me to understand what's available to you at any level of income.

Now, I know what you're saying, "Of course a Realtor will want me to buy a home, buy a newer home, or invest in real estate!" My job is to empower people to make the best decisions when buying or selling a home. What really makes me passionate about real estate is knowing how much better your life can be with a new home or investment. I believe you have the power to improve your life using real estate and I urge you to get started today. Give me a call at 970.222.1049 or email me at Jared@TheCraftBroker.com - let's have coffee or grab a beer so you can understand what options you have. We'll make a plan to get you where you want to be. Make this YOUR year and change your life!


About the Author: Jared Reimer is a native Coloradoan and an Associate Broker at Elevations Real Estate in Old Town Fort Collins. He’s a community advocate, business champion, blogger, leader, tireless volunteer, innovator, thinker and expert on all things real estate in Fort Collins and surrounding Northern Colorado. You’re likely to find Jared spending quality time outside with his wife, Kacie, and young son, Hudson, or sharing a beer or two with a friend throughout Fort Collins. Call or text Jared at 970.222.1049 or email him at Jared@TheCraftBroker.com