1. A Very Good Year For Fort Collins Real Estate – 2012

    If you're 'experienced' enough to remember Frank Sinatra's hit 'It Was a Very Good Year', you might be able to apply the title to Fort Collins real estate in 2012.  It certainly was a very good year!  In Fort Collins, residential home sales blew away any and all expectations,  with a 20.5% increase in amount of homes sold, along with a comfortable 3.5% gain in average selling price. For referen…Read More

  2. The Northern Colorado Real Estate Market – June 2012

    2012 has already been a great year for the Northern Colorado real estate market.   We're shaking off the recession and are really showing signs of full recovery.  Although it doesn't quite look like a full blown seller's market, we're already seeing reduced inventories and more buyer competition.. Sales in 2012 are well above the levels from 2010 and 2011 in Northern Colorado.  Even comparing t…Read More

  3. Win in a Competitive Fort Collins Real Estate Market

    Unless you haven't paid attention to local news or have avoided friends and neighbors, you've probably realized how competitive the Fort Collins real estate market has gotten.  Although the "wait and see" approach to entering the market never hurt anyone, there is certainly a lot to be gained when selling. As a buyer, you've got a new opponent.  No longer is the seller your only foe, you've got …Read More

  4. Extraordinary Fort Collins Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

    If you're a buyer or seller in Fort Collins, you want to simple, painless real estate transaction.  If you've gone through a particularly painful purchase or sale, you know how agonizing and upsetting it can be.  Each real estate transaction is different, but in reality, they aren't overly complicated or complex.  We feel we go above and beyond the services and expertise of an average realtor. …Read More