Always On Time, Professional and Dedicated

Very Highly Recommend!

My husband and I are so glad we found Jared to be our realtor! We both had pretty clear images in our heads of the kind of house we wanted to find, and Jared was happy to take us to see what ended up being probably a lot more houses than average before we found the perfect one to have built.

Jared was responsive throughout the entire process (which lasted about 10 months) and acted as a perfect go-between for the building company and ourselves. This is the first house we’ve ever built and we aren’t used to all of the documents and procedures, but Jared was able to explain everything and he really helped keep us on track when we needed to read and sign documents and such.

We’re both new to the area and knew practically nothing about different parts of the city, but Jared was able to answer all of our questions and give us all of the info we wanted to know, no problem.

Since we wanted to build, we really needed to find a builder that would make a quality home without taking any shortcuts. Jared has a background in engineering which makes him an excellent judge of quality in home construction.

On top of everything else, Jared is a very friendly guy who is always on time, professional, and dedicated to taking care of his clients’ needs. I recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to buy or sell a home.

He’s a landlord, too! We first found Jared when we moved to Fort Collins last year and needed to rent a house for a year while we looked for one to buy. We couldn’t come to Colorado ahead of time to find a house to rent, and Jared was the only landlord who actually went to the house we were looking to rent and took a video of it for us since we couldn’t see it in person. We had more than a dozen other potential landlords who didn’t want to put any more than the minimum amount of time into showing us the houses we were looking into renting. No surprise, Jared ended up being an amazing landlord who promptly took care of any of the little issues we’d have in the house, no matter how ridiculous we were being with our requests.

Danielle Locke, New Home Buyer, Fort Collins