Willing To Go The Extra Mile

Jared is great real-estate professional who made our home buying experience easier and less stressful than we anticipated. We interviewed several strong real estate agents from the Fort Collins area, and found that most of them were “busy but willing to fit us in”. That level of service was not enough for us! Ultimately, we selected Jared not only for his knowledge, experience and qualifications, but also because he made us feel like he truly wanted our business and that we would be a priority for him. And he proved it all along the way with his responsiveness, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile.

We selected to build a new house in Fort Collins. Because we were living in a different state, Jared was our local eyes and ears during the 9-month construction process. He went to the design center and helped us with selection of materials, colors, and options for the house, while we were attending via Zoom. He visited the construction site regularly, sent us photos of the house as it was being built, and pointed out potential issues to bring up with the builder. And even after the closing, he continues helping us to oversee another contractor while they finish the basement prior to our move-in. Jared has a wealth of local knowledge and provided us with helpful advice on everything from builders and contractors to lending and insurance. And his optimistic, easy-going attitude made the entire experience both educational and fun.

Leonid and Tania Shulkin - Texas Transplants in Fort Collins