The Elevations Edge is the most comprehensive listing package available for high-end, luxury and unique homes in Northern Colorado.  You will feel secure in knowing no expense is spared in the marketing and advertising of your home and better yet, any fears or apprehensions that a potential buyer may have will be eased by Jared’s proactive approach.  Fill out the form below when you’re interested in listing your unique, luxury or high end property, he’ll get to work immediately.  Read below to see what’s included within the Elevations Edge listing package:

Professional and Vivid Photography

Real estate is visual, which is why our professional photography appeals to the most discerning buyers.  No poor lighting, iPhone photos or bad angles.  If you’ve got acreage or a unique property, we also offer drone footage. We make your home look its best, period.

High Quality 3D Virtual Tours or Home Tour Videos

Depending on your home and layout, flow can be difficult to communicate without a detailed virtual tour or video home tour.  Our tours let buyers virtually tour your home from any corner of the earth.  Learn why Matterport tours matter to potential buyers.

Comprehensive Pre-Listing Inspection

So you can be sure there won’t be any unexpected items brought up at the buyer’s inspection, we provide a full pre-listing inspection to give you the opportunity to tackle any issues before they can be used against you.  This also provides the buyer some peace of mind, knowing you have nothing to hide and that they are getting a home that is looked after and well taken care of.

Professional, Full Color Marketing Brochures

We design and produce attractive marketing brochures to be placed in your home or outside for any drive-by buyers.  These brochures are packed with useful information and stunning images to hook any potential buyer.

High Quality FOR SALE Yard Signs and Brochure Boxes

Our yard signs are free from rust and wear and really signal professionalism and competence.  An Elevations yard sign shows the neighborhood you are working with the best.

Automated Showing and Feedback Set Up

We contract with a centralized showing coordinator to make certain that if a potential buyer wants to see your home, their agent can easily and efficiently schedule a showing, while giving you the ability to effortlessly approve showings, too.  After a showing, we’ll receive feedback to help us modify and strengthen our marketing strategies.

Comprehensive In-Home Marketing Package

Within the home, we place marketing brochures, MLS listing information, contract preparation forms, and eye catching informational displays to attract attention to your home’s most unique features.

Social Media Advertising and Web Exposure

Your home will be featured and advertised across multiple social media platforms where we can measure engagement and viewing results.  We are skilled at determining a target market for your home and can specifically pinpoint those buyers with our Facebook and Instagram ads.

All Inclusive Online Listing Syndication

To give your listing the most exposure possible, we syndicate your home across the web on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and  This exposure hits 99.9% of potential homebuyers.

Full Buyer Home Warranty Protection

To give your buyer additional security, we provide a home warranty to cover major items after the sale. Imagine having that peace of mind when buying a luxury home?

Accuracy Guaranteed Neighborhood Market Report

We’ll provide a certified neighborhood market report, giving you the information necessary when arriving at a potential list price.  You’ll understand the direction of the market, neighborhood trends and exactly what you can do to stand out against your competition.

Personalized Pricing Strategy

Diving deeper than the neighborhood report, we’ll provide an individualized pricing strategy when listing your home.  You’ll have confidence knowing your list price wasn’t made on a hunch or pulled out of thin air.  Our pricing strategy is based on hard data, market knowledge and industry expertise.

Enhanced Move-Up Strategy Consultation

If you’re needing to both sell your current home and purchase a new one, we’re available to consult with you regarding logistics and strategy while developing an overall approach.  Every situation is unique and our game-plan will be tailored to your individual needs.

Referral Network Access

You’ll have access to our referral network if you’re moving out of the region – we can connect you with real estate agents with a successful track record to take care of you.  While selling, you’ll also have access to our referral network of painters, contractors, landscapers and more to help you get your home in tip top shape.

Custom-Tailored Marketing Plan

The culmination of the Elevations Edge is a custom-tailored marketing plan that is our road map to getting your home sold.  We provide this plan to you up front, so you can always understand what we’re doing to get your home sold to exceed your expectations.

If you’re convinced the Elevations Edge can help you sell your home, fill out the form below, or contact Jared Reimer, for a no-obligation pre-listing appointment.

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