1. June Sales Soar, Prices Hold Steady

    June sales data represents the beginning of the post-COVID real estate market in Northern Colorado.  And good gracious, did real estate come back with force after the shelter at home restrictions were eased.  Across the board, sales were up double digits, and prices even grew in most markets - these sales were the result of contracts written in the late April/Early May timeframe.  As showing re…Read More

  2. Greeley and Loveland Post Record Prices in May 2019

    School is out, pools are open and summer is heating up!  I cannot believe we are already into the meat of the selling season in Northern Colorado.  In late 2018, several forecasters were predicting a bit of a slower season, but all signs are pointing to continued gains in appreciation as we head into the second half of the year. Buoyed by strong demand and continually declining interest rates, b…Read More

  3. Downpayment Options

    I recently read that 9 out of 10 new home buyers didn't realize there were down payment options that offered less than 10% down. I've got the low down on some options between 0% and 10% that might work for your unique financial situation. It pays to participate in this market - so do it smartly! As always, get in touch with me and I can help you get it all sorted before we hit crunch time! 970.222…Read More

  4. Northern Colorado Region Hovering Near Record Highs

    A strong yet constrained real estate market is keeping the Northern Colorado region hovering near record highs.  Regional median home values are creeping up above the $317,000 mark, as we end into the last gasp during the holidays.  Through the end of October, a total of 9169 homes have sold in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley/Weld area, up 3.96% from the same timeframe in 2015, with a go…Read More

  5. Get a Buyer’s Agent

    This weekend, I hosted an open house and had quite a bit of fun meeting everyone who came through. I did notice plenty of unrepresented buyers pass through and it made me think, "there's gotta be a better way"! The first two things new buyers should do is get prequalified and get a buyer's agent to make the process more organized and professional. If you're starting the homebuying process - give m…Read More

  6. Incredible Equity in Northern Colorado Homes

    Making the turn into the back half of 2016, YTD June sales and median values are keeping pace with the first half of the year, with prices at all time highs once again. Through the end of June, a total of 4931  homes have sold in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley/Weld area, up nearly 10% from the same timeframe in 2015.  The region's median home values have soared again to $312,500, an 8.5…Read More

  7. NoCo Real Estate Market is Flooded With Cash

    We all know that “cash is king” or “money talks” but when it comes to the high stakes game of buying in the NoCo real estate market, when you put your money where your mouth is, you’ll likely come out on top.  Never before have we seen a real estate market this constrained by low inventory.  If you’ve participated in the market over the past two years, you’re familiar with multiple…Read More

  8. Video – March 2016 Market Update

    In our March 2016 Market update, managing broker Jared Reimer shares median values for Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, along with some resources you can use if you're a move-up buyer concerned about the logistics of making a sale and a purchase in swift and tight market.  Call us for more information if you're wanting to make a move, we're glad to help.  As always, follow us on Facebook, Twi…Read More

  9. Cash is King in Fort Collins

    We all know the phrase, "cash is king" or "money talks".  Well, in Fort Collins real estate, cash cannot be beaten.  Having cash really does allow you to do more, negotiate better, and ultimately win the real estate game.  We took a look back at the past 5 years, on a quarterly basis to really understand how money works in Fort Collins real estate, the results were surprising. Cash Transactions…Read More

  10. Fort Collins and Loveland Real Estate Market in 2015

    The Fort Collins and Loveland real estate market continued with it's record breaking pace in 2014 and with price increases continuing into the foreseeable future, 2015 is likely to be on the same course.  We are very excited for the progress that was made in the Northern Colorado real estate market since the great recession, and we are eager to participate in and help develop this market in 2015…Read More