1. Sales Hold Steady, Median Values Increasing Again

    What seems to be a very short lived "correction" may be just that, short lived.  The late summer surge of inventory helped to keep median prices lower than they had been in over a year, but that trend seems to have reversed in October, as the last gasp of sales plays out in 2017.  Prices in Fort Collins returned to the $375,000+ mark as homes in the Loveland/Berthoud area saw a new record median…Read More

  2. Buyers Are Favoring More Affordable Options

    The momentum of the hot summer sales season has officially waned and prices in the least affordable markets are showing signs of cooling down as buyers are favoring more affordable options.  Prices in Fort Collins that were once nearing the $400,000 mark just 3 months ago, have certainly reversed course - posting a median value of $359,730.  This is the first year over year decline in median val…Read More

  3. The Last Gasp Is Here

    Temps are cooling, leaves are falling, football in on - it's that time of year.  Fall is in full force and Winter is right around the corner.  That means that both buyers and sellers are taking advantage of Northern Colorado real estate's last gasp - that very short window that one can purchase or sell a home before the end of the year.  This time period is great for catching last minute opport…Read More

  4. Statistics Blog is Out

    The easiest way to keep up with the market is to follow me on Instagram or Facebook - I'll link every blog I post I create (like the Statistics blog I wrote yesterday...) - You'll always have a quick and easy read to stay on top of the Northern Colorado Real Estate market! Contact me at 970.222.1049 or email me at Jared@AscentREProfessionals.com.  As always, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instag…Read More

  5. NOCO Appraiser Shortage Concerns

    Did you know Northern Colorado is in the midst of an appraiser shortage? Since the market got heated we've been dealing with several different appraisal issues - here's how they can affect you! I do everything I can to help mitigate issues before they become a problem - so chat with me if you're concerned about an potential appraisal issue.  Give me a call or text today at 970.222.1049 or email …Read More

  6. Fort Collins, Greeley, & Loveland Gain Ground

    There's plenty of talk out there: "It's slowing down", "Is the crash here?" etc.  I've gotten questions at the dentist, the post office, and a brewery.  Real estate is always the talk of the town, which is exactly how I like it.  What I also like is providing numbers so that those seeking good info can have it to share at their next dinner party.  It's what I do. The market seems to be finding…Read More

  7. What Does a Top Agent Do All Day?

    What does a top agent do all day, really? Whatever your perception of a real estate professional is, an exceptional, full-time agent is a master of multi-tasking, often times juggling dozens of different clients and responsibilities to make sure everyone is properly and professionally taken care of, meeting all the dates and deadlines spelled out in the contract, while needing to be dynamic and ni…Read More

  8. June 2017 NoCo Real Estate Market Update

    As 2017 unfolds, we are starting to see a really interesting development in Northern Colorado.  As building remains tight, inventory of new construction homes and resale homes, for that matter, are hard to find throughout the region.  I'm keeping my eye on the Loveland/Berthoud market, one of the areas where building is relatively strong, especially in the low to mid range markets.  This is kee…Read More

  9. Is Inventory Returning?

    In the middle of the year as summer heats up, the Northern Colorado real estate market follows suit.  Every June and July, we expect increased activity - more homes for sale and more sales as a result.  In 2017, however; what we saw in June was pretty important.  In Fort Collins we saw a 35% increase in active listings over 2016 figures.  In fact, this is the highest number of homes for sale i…Read More

  10. Is a Shift in the Market on the Horizon?

    Another month is in the books and interestingly enough, we might be starting to see a little bit of a shift in the market - now, whether that kind of shift will continue is yet to be seen - with the biggest and best real estate months coming up, we hope to be able to track any potential issues along the way.  Keep in mind, individual Northern Colorado real estate markets can and will ebb and flo…Read More