1. Prices Pop in the Pandemic

    We're finally seeing impacts from COVID-19 in the Northern Colorado real estate market, since most of the homes that were closed in April were those that went under contract in March near the beginning of shelter in place.  During that time, in person showings were only possible once the home was under contract, somewhat putting the cart before the horse.  I am certain there were hundreds of sel…Read More

  2. Greeley and Loveland Post Record Prices in May 2019

    School is out, pools are open and summer is heating up!  I cannot believe we are already into the meat of the selling season in Northern Colorado.  In late 2018, several forecasters were predicting a bit of a slower season, but all signs are pointing to continued gains in appreciation as we head into the second half of the year. Buoyed by strong demand and continually declining interest rates, b…Read More

  3. Backup Offers Explained

    If you've been in the Northern Colorado real estate market in the last 5 years, you know just how tough it is and how much competition you're up against.  There's not much for sale, and then when you're finally able to get a showing scheduled, you have to make a quick decision, and you're likely competing against multiple bidders, all above list price, waiving all kinds of contingencies, too.  I…Read More

  4. Last Gasp Blog Post is Up

    #ICYMI - Take another look at my blog on Northern Colorado real estate’s last gasp - and if you need to make a move quick contact me at 970.222.1049 or email me at Jared@AscentREProfessionals.com.  As always, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube! About the Author:  Jared Reimer is a native Coloradoan and an Associate Broker at Elevations Real Estate in Old Town Fort Collins.  …Read More

  5. What Does a Top Agent Do All Day?

    What does a top agent do all day, really? Whatever your perception of a real estate professional is, an exceptional, full-time agent is a master of multi-tasking, often times juggling dozens of different clients and responsibilities to make sure everyone is properly and professionally taken care of, meeting all the dates and deadlines spelled out in the contract, while needing to be dynamic and ni…Read More

  6. Backup Offers Explained

    Do you think that once a home is "under contract" it's gone forever? Not so fast! Backup offers can be effective for buyers who just missed out on a winning bid. Things can fall through - financing, inspection, appraisal, or buyer's remorse! Just another opportunity for you. Check out my video to learn more! Contact me at 970.222.1049 or email me at Jared@TheCraftBroker.com.  As always, follow u…Read More

  7. 5 Questions to Ask Your Listing Agent

    If you're interviewing a listing agent before selling your home, make sure you ask these questions! You've got to be sure your expectations are met, and that you've got the right fit - start here then message me for an interview. Contact me at 970.222.1049 or email me at Jared@TheCraftBroker.com.  As always, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube! About the Author:  Jared Reimer is…Read More

  8. Why Matterport Matters

    The world of virtual tours is evolving as new graphic interfaces make tours easier to capture and computing power increases platform capabilities.  Gone are the days of stitched together pictures pawned off as a virtual tour, or worse yet, the slide show of the listing pictures.  Our favorite new technology, used in all of our listings, is the Matterport 3D virtual tour. No more clunky tours wit…Read More

  9. When Do You Consider a Price Reduction?

    In a hot sellers' market, you're probably pumped to get your home on the market.  You know that buyers will just be racing to put a contract in on your home.  You're thinking, "What if we get multiple offers? How far will they run the price up?" You're excited so you price your home above market value to get the most out of the sale.  Can't hurt, right?  And then - nothing happens.  Sparse sh…Read More

  10. The Craft Broker Revolution

    I'm always trying to be on the cutting edge, creating new ideas, challenging the norm and building a business that exemplifies the needs today's real estate consumer. Buyers and sellers are looking for intelligent, motivated, committed and mobile agents to not only help them buy or sell, but also to be a trusted advisor and advocate for all their real estate needs, now and in the future. My busine…Read More